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Bloodline (Guardian of the Gate)

- A dark evil has the run of the mortal realm, it can and does touch everyone of us. We humans are so easily led, controlled, corrupted. This is the twenty-first century, the lord of shadow is set to rise. The mortal realm is cursed by war, crime, greed, and drugs. The purity of some souls are long lost. There are those people who still cling onto blind faith that one day our lord will rise again, there are those who still follow and live by the ten commandments, And there are those who don't. Humans have faults, we make mistakes, sometimes we can blunder beyond the realm of the redeemable. God, at least according to scripture, is without fault, and resides in a light so brilliant that no mortal being can or has been or seen or had the chance to interact with him. Enter the angels. These holy creatures are seen as essentially intermediaries between his holiness and our faults. They are immortals that run the affairs of the lord who at times are seen to guide the lost mortal souls into the path of light on his behalf. But the laws of the two gates forbids direct interaction, until the mortal souls transition into the light, or be it the burning fires of hell. Laws can be and do get broken. The pure inner souls of the human race created by the grace and love of God, trembles, The Dark one cometh... All souls, will be judged

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