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Hold the Dark (Markhat, #3) Frank Tuttle - (Rating: 2 - 124 votes)

Hold the Dark (Markhat, #3)

- Demons in a feeding frenzy drive the world-weary Markhat to the brinkA Markhat story.Quiet, hard-working seamstresses arent the kind that normally go missing, even in a tough town like Rannit. Martha Hoobins disappearance, though, quickly draws Markhat into a deadly struggle between a halfdead blood cult and the infamous sorcerer known only as the Corpsemaster.A powerful magical artifact may be both his only hope of survivaland the source of his own inescapable damnation.Markats search leads him to the one thing thats been missing in his life. But even loves awesome power may not save him from the darkness thats been unleashed inside his own soul.Warning: This gritty, hard-boiled fantasy detective novel contains mild romance and interludes of suggestive hand-holding.

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