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Fate (Sacrifice, #1)

- Action & Adventure with a romantic paranormal twist!"There must always be balance."Chasca Leon grew up in foster care and never spent a lot of time making friends. There were things about her people just wouldnt understand. Things even she didnt understand. She lived a very quite life, going to work, and going home, never intentionally seeking adventure. This is, until she was kidnapped. Chasca cannot comprehend why someone would kidnap her and she only discovers why once she is rescued by two gorgeous militant men. While under their protection she learns that she is not human and that the strange things that have been occurring all her life were all because she is of the Nephilim bloodline.Fate has never been a thing Chasca has concerned herself with but once she learns that she is part of an ancient prophecy she understand that she is truly in danger. Her protectors do everything they can to keep her out of harms way but theres only so much that can be done when your ward is a headstrong mouthy woman. Recommended for those 18 and older."One cannot escape their fate, but their path may be altered, potentially resulting in a different outcome. Some consider it divine intervention, or a miracle. Others consider it to be coincidence or happenstance. In some cases both are true, but there are always exceptions. Mere seconds can prove to be crucial components when the result of ones fate is hanging in the balance. Often times a minute amount of influence is all it takes. Planting a seed of doubt or inspiring hope when all seems to be lost..."

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