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Grizzly Promise

- When grizzly shifter Wyatt Arthur arrives in Calgary, Alberta, for a business trip, he finds himself blindsided by the shy, skittish woman he is certain will be his mate. In a peculiar turn of events, she already has a boyfrienda man Wyatt is confident is not interested in women. With no other options, he returns home, hoping his mate will eventually come to her senses and give him a chance.After suffering a traumatizing experience as a teenager, Paige Osborn doesnt date. Ever. In fact, she keeps men at bay by pretending to be in a committed relationship with her human best friend, Gavin Wright. Theres just one problem. Gavin is gay.Gavin has never been comfortable keeping Paiges secret from her family, but they have an arrangement. She keeps his sexual preferences confidential, and he keeps her sexual assault from the world.What Paige doesnt factor into her life is the possibility that someone might one day cross her path who causes her to waver on her conviction never to bind to anyone, human or shifter.In a twist of Fateor perhaps Fate knows exactly what Shes doingPaige finds herself moving to Wyatts hometown of Silvertip, Alberta, to do research for the summer.Silvertip is not big enough to hide from anyone, and Paige will be forced to face her past and her future. Now she just needs to figure out how to reconcile the two and find the strength to let Wyatt into her heart.

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