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Demon, Volume 3

- With his demon powers, nothing is denied Jimmy Yee. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll that's just for amateurs. He s experienced every earthly pleasure known to man, and even invented a few of his own. Confident that he and his daughter Sweetpea have outlived all of the their enemies, Jimmy spends his day reveling in his immortality. But after 250 years, immortality is getting a little dull.Jimmy's bacchanal lifestyle is about to get a shake up. The OSS is back and ready for a showdown, and this no-holds-barred battle promises to be Jimmy's most violent and raunchy one yet.From the brilliant and profane mind of Jason Shiga comes Demon: a four-volume graphic novel epic about the unspeakable chaos that one indestructible man can unleash on the world and the astronomical body count he leaves behind."

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